Our Team

Our Team:
Here at The GreenHouse, Inc. Nursery, we value our customers and appreciate their loyalty as much as we love plants. We have a reputation for employing knowledgeable and helpful staff that work hard to make sure customers needs are met. Our team is comprised of experienced gardeners, landscape architects, artists, and designers. We also employ students and budding horticulturalists that are excited to gain experience. Most importantly, our staff enjoys working with people, plants and soil. We are grateful for the opportunity to share gardening tips and information, and enjoy learning from our customers experience, as well.

Whether you are the most experienced gardener or the least experienced, we want to help you get excited about putting together your basket, planter, garden or entire yard with quality plants and affordable solutions. From top to bottom, we ALL take pride in maintaining our plants and grounds to ensure that you enjoy a quality experience while at the GreenHouse,Inc..

Kirk Wilcox: Owner
Kirk is a Licensed Landscape Architect and Licensed Landscape Contractor who has been practicing in Utah and surrounding states since 1976. He is well known for his creative and unique design style in both residential and commercial settings. He and his wife, Elaine, have worked tirelessly to build The Greenhouse, Inc. Nursery and The GreenHouse Landscape businesses into what they are today. Kirk grew up in Northern California and received a B.L.A. in Landscape Architecture from USU in 1974.

Cathy Grossl: Manager
Cathy has a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning from USU and has been the manager at The GreenHouse, Inc. since 2004. She has an extensive history of landscape maintenance and wholesale nursery experience, and enjoys increasing her own knowledge and sharing what she learns with others. Cathy hopes that her positive attitude helps make customers and staff feel comfortable, and agrees that “This is the best job ever.” She grew up in Minnesota, has a B.S. in Technical Communication from the U of M, a new paddleboard, and a cat that bites (but is cute).

Cindy Allen:
Cindy is truly an expert on the unique joys and problems of Cache Valley gardening. She has worked at The Greenhouse, Inc. and at other local garden centers since 1991. Her years of hands-on experience and her passion for plants combined with her retail nursery experience make her a favorite among customers. Cindy can advise you on all aspects of your yard and workplace from choices for wedding flowers all the way to pest control and plant maintenance. During the winter months you will find her working at the Beaver Mountain Ski office. Cindy grew up in Tremonton and has an Associates degree from Ricks College.

Teri Strong:
Teri has been working at The Greenhouse, Inc. since 2008 as a sales associate, plant care expert and basket planter. Since longtime staffer Lou Gay’s retirement, Teri has taken over the rewarding, but formidable task of creating and overseeing the production of custom planters and baskets. She takes great pride in creating individual works of art that grow more beautiful through the summer. Teri is always on the look-out for new plant introductions and trends in yard and planter design. She is an excellent listener and has maintained great relationships with our regular customers as well as cultivating new. Teri has many interests – is an avid gardener, calligrapher, artist, and is a member of the Beaver Mountain Ski Patrol.

Stephanie Petersen:
Stephanie is an active and dedicated horticulturalist who has been a sales associate at The Greenhouse, Inc. since 2013. She earned a B.S. degree in Horticulture from BYU – Idaho, and before coming to work with us had already chalked-up significant experience working in both retail and wholesale Nurseries. In late winter, Stephanie is here planting hundreds of hanging baskets and containers, training new staff and assisting with special orders. Through spring and summer, she enjoys helping customers design their yards, baskets and vegetable gardens. She is an integral member of our team and plays a significant role in the success of our operation. Stephanie grew up in Utah, speaks Bulgarian, quilts, sews, and raises sheep for wool (which she spins herself)!