House Plants

Bring the beauty of the outdoors into your space with our wide array of house plants! Not sure what will work best in your space or how to begin with house plant care? Let our friendly staff help provide suggestions to meet your lighting and maintenance requirements!

House Plant Of The Month - July

Add some interest to your houseplant collection with July’s houseplant of the month, the prayer plant. Also known as Maranta, these plants have uniquely colored leaves in green, red, or silver. Their name comes from the leaves folding up at night, resembling praying hands. Non-toxic and perfect for homes with kids and pets, prayer plants are compact, staying under 12 inches high and wide. They thrive in bright to medium indirect light and higher humidity, making kitchens or bathrooms ideal. Use a humidity tray if needed. Propagate by placing cuttings in soil or water.

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House Plant Care

We carry a wide range of products for indoor plant care that will help your house plants thrive and look beautiful in your space! Visit us in store to check out our selection of indoor plant watering cans, plant misters, and more!