Planting and Watering Guide

trees planted and watered


  • For planting trees, shrubs, or perennials, you’ll want to dig a hole two times wide and same depth as the original container.
  • Carefully remove container from plant. B&B needs all twine removed (sometimes it’s under the burlap). Star wire cage can be removed, if possible, but can be bent down and left in hole. The top third of the burlap needs to be cut away. You can make a few slits in the bottom to aid in breakdown. DO NOT ROUGH UP/BREAK UP B&B ROOT BALL.
  • Grow bags need to be cut away/off the root ball. Roots will not grow through them as they do with B&B. Containerized plants that have roots that are root bound will need to have the roots roughed up a little to encourage the roots to grow out rather than continue to spiral.
  • Amend soil as needed for poor or heavy soil. Mix in soil prep/pep, or some other chunky material to aid in aeration and water capability to percolate to the bottom of hole. 1:3 ratio (1 amendment to 3 native soil) The object is to coax the roots out into the native soil. If you make it too nice they won’t leave that comfort zone. Back fill in with amended soil.
  • Build a berm or water well with soil around the perimeter for deep watering. If it is flush, water will run off and not down to the bottom of hole. If in grass, turf will act as said berm. ○ It’s ok to plant evergreens a few inches higher for drainage. You can drown an evergreen pretty quick.
  • Stake trees after planting only if in a high wind area. Use three stakes for all
    sides and only use for one year.


  • Deep water with a hose! Sprinklers are never enough to establish a newly planted anything. Watering time has many variables: Air temp, wind, soil composition, location. The goal is to keep the root zone moist, never allow to dry out, but also not standing in a soggy bog.
  • Trees: Deciduous trees need a deep watering for 10-20 minutes depending on the size. Let the hose run on low dribble for the allotted time. June-August, every 3-5 days or more. Sprinklers between are ok. September, one time a week. Oct and into November, if dry, every other week. Roots need to go into winter wet. Evergreens usually are ok with one time a week. Need to check soil for moisture, dig down to the side and look/feel.
  • Shrubs: Deep water daily for the first week, then 2-3 times the following week. Once established, a good deep weekly drink and sprinklers in between.
  • Perennials: Deep water daily for the first 2 weeks. Sprinklers are ok 2-3 times a week after that.