Our Quality Guarantee

plants and flowers in the logan greenhouse

Plants and Flowers

  • The Greenhouse guarantees all nursery stock sold by us to be true to name, free from pests and defects, and to be quality plants and flowers when it leaves our nursery.
  • Due to conditions beyond our control (soil, weather, winter kill, improper handling, or planting, insects, disease, chemical injury, etc.), we can only guarantee that if our stock fails to grow, it will be replaced at 1/2 of the original purchase price within 90 days of purchase date, with a receipt, and with proof of the dead plant (Send photos to [email protected] with a detailed description). Trees and Shrubs only.
  • No plant material is guaranteed after the end of October. If problems occur with plant material, notify us as soon as possible.
  • No guarantee is made on annual plants, tropical plants, water plants or plants grown in containers by the customer.
  • No guarantee is made on plant material not hardy for your area. See USDA plant hardiness zone map. No guarantee on zone 5 and above.
  • No guarantee is made on plant material left in containers or ball and burlap more than 24 hours after purchase. To ensure that no problems arise on material to be planted, unload the plants, put them in a shady area, and water immediately. Some plants are heavy water users (pyracantha, potentilla, red leaf plants, golden leaf plants, large plants in small containers, etc.) and may require two waterings per day.